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Oversized Wood Shell Awards

This oversized shell stands 4” tall, measures 1 3/8” at the base and weights almost 4 oz. and has a polished walnut finish.   It has been hand turned, sanded, lacquered, waxed and buffed.  All this gives this award a very quality feel and appearance. 

WS 1 Wood Shell WS 2 Wood Shell Medallion WS 3 Wood Shell Square Base WS 4 Wood Shell 5 inch BASE WS 5 Wood Shell Round Bas
WS 1
Wood Shell
WS 2
Wood Shell Medallion
WS 3
Wood Shell
3 3/4” Square Base
WS 4
Wood Shell 3 1/2 x 5”
WS 5
Wood Shell Round
WS 10 Combo Wood Shell Full Target  WS 11 Combo Wood Shell Spinner large base  WS 12 Combo Wood Shell Target large base  WS 13 Combo Wood Shell DT Large Base WS 14 Wood Shell DT Spinner Large base
WS 10 Combo
Wood Shell/Full Size Target
Large Base
WS 11 Combo
Wood Shell/3” Spinner
Large Base
WS 12 Combo
Wood Shell/2 1/2” Target
Large Base
WS 13 Combo
Wood Shell/DT, 2 1/2” Target
Large Base 
WS 14 Combo
Wood Shell/DT/3” Spinner
Large Base
 WS 15 Combo Wood Shell Globe Large base Comparison  Inserts   Engraving  
WS 15 Combo
Wood Shell/Crystal Globe
Large Base
 Comparison of
Wood shell vs 12 Gauge
Gold, Silver, or Bronze
Engraving on side of shell
is also available.