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“The Spinner” is a new, exciting, and versatile award for shooting sports.  The center spins inside the main part of the target, making it very unique. It is  the same high quality award as all the other exclusive awards from Laser  Creations Awards.

The 3” target is available in fluorescent orange or antique gold. Gold, silver,  or bronze inserts fit inside the spinner to help indicate 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

Your club logo or shoot information goes on one side of the spinner, and the  award information goes on the other side. Either side can be displayed toward  the front.

 See the many options available on the “The Spinner” pages.


 Laser Creations Awards is introducing a new and exciting award to add to its extensive line of EXCLUSIVE SHOOTING SPORTS AWARDS. This new quality award is very unique. It is a hand crafted oversized shell that features a simulated brass base that is crafted from zinc with an antique gold finish that looks like brass.

This oversized shell stands 4” tall, measures 1 3/8” at the base and weights almost 4 oz. and has a polished walnut finish. It has been hand turned, sanded, lacquered, waxed and buffed. All this gives this award a very quality feel and appearance.

 A 1” gold, silver, or bronze insert is placed in what would be the crimp end of the shell to display the award information. Engraving on the side of the shell can also be an additional option.

See the many options available on the Oversized Wood Shell page.

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